Vaishnavi Sharma

Editor-in-Chief, Founder

Vaishnavi is a 19-year-old student, walking through life losing her pens, temper, paints, mind, etc. She likes to talk (a lot) about poetry, history, sciences, and politics. Can always be found with her nose in between the pages of a book, uninterested in the torments of this world. She has served as the poetry reader for Homology Lit. Her work has appeared in Marías at Sampaguitas, Headcanon Magazine and TeenBelle Magazine. She writes at You can contact her at

Twitter: @umvaishnavi
Instagram: @delusionalchaos

Mialise Carney

Associate Editor

Mialise Carney (@mialisec) is a writer and editor from Massachusetts. She is a creative nonfiction editor at Nightingale and Sparrow, and her writing has appeared in Atlas and Alice and Menacing Hedge among others. See more of her work at

Paridhi Puri

Events & Collaborations Head

Paridhi Puri is a 18 year old who’s in love with ink, old books, candle smoke and tea. An ineffable writer, with a deep interest in history, economics and pop culture; she’s passionate about mental health awareness, sustainability and equality. She’s served as the Non Fiction Editor at The Brown Orient Literary Journal, and has been published in The Rayon Mag, Ink Drift and Brainfeed Magazine among others. You can find her writing poetry at The Girth Within or on twitter and instagram.

Nishit Jain

Marketing and Design Strategist

Asela Lee Kemper

Poetry Editor

Asela Lee Kemper describes herself as an Asian American writer who screams internally 24/7. She holds a BFA in Creative Writing with a minor in Emerging Media & Digital Arts from Southern Oregon University. She is a poetry reader for Timberline Review and Marías at Sampaguitas, contributor for Royal Rose Magazine, and editor for Ayaskala. She has also previously published in SOU Student Press, Flawless Mag: The Border Issue, Silk Club: QUIET, Reclamation Mag, and No Tender Fences. She currently lives in Oregon, USA with her family. You can find Asela on Twitter @/AselaLeeK and Instagram @/thesakuraink.

Keana Aguila Labra


Keana Aguila Labra (she/her) is a poet, essayist, & columnist who resides in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is a Features Writer for Within the online lit community, she is the Editor-in-Chief of Marías at Sampaguitas & the co-editor of Chopsticks Alley Pinoy. She is a regular contributor for MID-HEAVEN Magazine,  the columnist behind Malungkot for Ayaskala, the anime & manga columnist behind Closed Captioning for Headcanon Magazine, & a Prose, Poetry and Op-ed Reader for Dream Noir Magazine. She examines literature & media through a cultural, feminist lens. Knowing the importance of representation, her work is evidence that Filipinx Americans are present in the literary world. She may be found reading, watching anime, or writing in her journal. Her favorite genres are sci-fi thrillers, mysteries, & Westerns.

Charlene Garner


Charlene Garner lives in Florida with her partner, Ian, and their 2 dogs, Rocky and Fergus. She received her MFA in Creative Nonfiction from the University of Tampa and her B.A. in creative writing and literature from Tusculum University in Greenville, TN. Charlene is an Appalachian native. She writes about the place she once called home and the need to protect it from two states away.
You can get in touch with her:
Twitter: @charydee0930
Insta: @dannie_garner

Anugya Srivastava


Anugya Srivastava (she/her) is from India. She is an undergraduate student at Delhi University, studying Multimedia and Mass Communication. She has been involved with ARMY Magazine as a writer and a blogger since January 2019. Her main interests when it comes to writing are pop culture, non-fiction, movies & books reviews. She also has her own blog called Awesome Anugya’s Blog where she writes about things she takes interests in. When she’s not doing anything, you’ll catch her listening to music in any language (since music transcends language), watching movies or reading a book.
Twitter: @Anugya0924

Emily Craig


Emily Craig graduated from the University of North Alabama with her English, Professional Writing Degree in 2018. She is a self-published author with four poetry collections. “Will You Love Me Again?” is her forthcoming debut novel (2020 release date). She has poetry published on Instagram by Nightingale & Sparrow, Royal Rose, and Marias at Sampaguitas, along with poems in Marias at Sampaguitas Issue One.
Reach her:
Facebook Writer Page: Emily Craig
Instagram: @emnicolecraig
Twitter: @emilycraig44

Katie Hebert


Katie Hébert is a queer poet and writer from New York City. She recently earned her B.A. in English and Women’s & Gender studies from SUNY Oneonta, which she represented while performing at the College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational for three years. Her work has appeared in Turnpike Magazine, Ayaskala, and more. When she isn’t writing or performing, you can find her wandering the five boroughs, napping, or fangirling over Harry Styles. You also can find her at or @kaferinee on Instagram and Twitter.

Aamna Siddiqui


Aamna is an incorrigible literature major who thinks of herself as the daughter of postmodernism. She runs her own photography and poetry page on Instagram. Her work has been published in whitenoise magazine, prologue magazine, online journal of Delhi poetry slam etc. She writes humongously about the revolutions of the heart and land. She is currently freelancing as a content writer. You can find her on Instagram through the handle @neelkuranjini.

Angad Pal Singh


Angad is a self taught photographer who clicks all the pictures you see on this website.

Instagram: @angad.29

Emmanuel Palada

Graphic Designer

Emmanuel Palada is a student of Psychology, working under creatives committee at his university and an active member of PEERS (an organization that conducts public speaking regarding mental health issues). Also, an aspiring writer, traditional visual artist, forte on charcoal and watercolor mediums, and a graphic designer, his artworks aims to remove stigma on HIV and mental health.

Srishti Sarawagi

Visual Artist

Srishti goes by her pen name Semesta Cruinne. She lives to create and share art. She feels like an ocean, wavy mostly, eagle’s eye (overall) placid. She loves journals, dry flowers, books, Polaroids, calligraphy pens, watercolours, small gifts, rains, coffee, sunshine, her amazing family, teammate and friends! She doesn’t like lizards, changes, goodbyes and paper cutters! (Unfortunately she has to regularly confront all of them). She likes to live. Oh and she is a student, institutionally of fine arts at the moment.

Pranjal Gupta

Social Media Intern

Pranjal is a first year student pursuing political science and economics as her disciplines. During her high school, she was one of the founder members of literary club and significantly contributed in establishing it into a distinct club with pool of opportunities for literature fanatics. In her college, she is a part of several societies and has been an active member of Global Youth’s content team and its bifurcated departments relating to research. She has handled content and social media management of Robin Hood Army, North Delhi.
You can reach her at

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