hold still my beating heart, we can fly by Anushka Bidani

i/ have stories to tell/ so many tales to hear/
so many roads to walk/ so many museums to
explore/ promises to hold/ palms to caress/
so many forts to touch still/ i/ have so many
fireplaces to sit before/ libraries to breathe in/
books to read/ circuses to find/ so many trees
to climb/ innumerable bridges to be afraid of/
innumerable songs to cry at/ countless days to
make my parents prouder still/ i/ have so many
cuisines to taste/ mocktails to drink/ family dinners
to get drunk at/ bars to drink at/ cafés to dine at/
diners to have dates at/ dates to save/ weddings to
attend/ trains to catch/ films to sit through/ balls to
dance at/ skirts to twirl/ flower crowns to wear/
secrets to bear/ countless giggles to kiss/ countless
hugs to receive/ countless hugs to give/ innumerable
flowers to be astonished by/ i/ have so many benches
to sit on/ so many stars to trace/ constellations to map/
maps to sketch/ sketches to wonder at/ beating drums
to march along/ countless marches to be a part of/ rallies
to attend/ laws to protest/ change someone’s world/
i/ have so many lessons to take to heart/
to witness that we can destroy/
to believe that we can fly/ to create/
i/ have so many stories to tell/ and this /one/ to live

Anushka Bidani is an 18 year old poet & essayist from India. She adores the rain, blue skies, open mic events, the human anatomy, & art in all its distinct magnificent shapes. She’s the Editor-in-Chief at Headcanon Magazinea literary & art journal which aspires to throw light on the connections present between pop-culture, & its influence on our society. Her work has appeared in Royal Rose MagazineEsthesia Magazine, & Marías at Sampaguitas; among others. She writes at https://anushkabidanix.wordpress.com.


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