4 Collages by Apu

“Don’t you worry” by Apu
“Stop and Think” by Apu
“Take your time” by Apu
“Time out” by Apu

Apu (Twitter: @Apu_sometree & Instagram: @apu_sometree) is a 37 years old queer non-binary punk, organic gardener/farmer and collage diy artist workin’ and livin’ on a organic seed breeding farm in northern germany.
She’s creatin’ collage artwork for more than 18 years now (doin’ a lot of coops with zines, bands, solidarity projects, collectives…) and is part of a small diy art collective named Theo Collective https://theobeam.wordpress.com/about/

2 thoughts on “4 Collages by Apu

  1. Reblogged this on Theo collective and commented:
    it’s a pleasure to have my collages “don’t you worry”, “stop and think”, “take your time” and “time out” published in the current issue of crimson cascade. thanks @ayaskala so much for your trust and cooperation! Apu // Theo Collective


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